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How to top up your account via ID!

The Riyadh store offers you this service, which is distinguished from many stores by providing this service very quickly and safely, and this service saves you a lot of time and problems and registration in other sites that require shipping these wrenches.

And certainly, dear user, you will be completely comfortable and ensure that all the rigors reach your account without having a defect in the code or the method of shipping that appears during and without you being responsible for the damage or loss of the code, and without a doubt, those who have indebtedness in the game or their account may be negative are excluded from this. Vsom the company withdraws the wrenches.

While our shipping method is directly between the account and the company without any intermediary to which the money goes, it is like prepaid cards that you charge to any account or mobile balance, it is owned by the company directly and there is no intermediary between you and the company, and we only provide this service on behalf About you.

Thus, you guarantee that your account is 100% sound, God willing.

We note that there may be delays at times in anticipation of any circumstance, and we note that our full and primary dependence on the hands number only, but the name is a secondary supplement and does not depend on it, so you must, dear user, make sure of the listed hands number.