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Terms and conditions of the 50 thousand riyals competition

Terms and conditions of the 50 thousand riyals competition presented by the Riyadh store:

1- The customer must be using the coupon designated for the competition.

2- The customer must have requested through the application.

3- The order must be from the 4000 uc package or its equivalent or above.

4- Prizes are announced through a broadcast link announced via the Telegram channel, and the winning customer must contact us within a maximum period of 24 hours.

5- When the customer does not respond, the authority passes to the management of the Riyadh store.

6- The 50% discount coupon prize may be used on products with a discount not exceeding 350 Saudi riyals.

7- The prize for altering wedges or cash includes packages from 4000 uc to 25000 uc only, and does not include packages higher than that.

8- When the customer wins an iPad, the customer bears the shipping value if it is outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or the value of the amount is transferred by an international transfer, or it is replaced with a UC from the store.